Training Recap: Week of January 21, 2019

  • Miles: 23.1
  • Cross Training Sessions: 2
  • Strength Sessions: 2

Monday — 10

I moved my speed workout up a day this week. I have a race scheduled on Saturday, and I won’t be doing a full-on taper but I figured I’d get the harder workout out of the way early in the week. This workout was 4 x 1.5 miles at HM pace with .25 miles recovery. I bumped the pace up closer to 10K, as I did this one on the treadmill. I also included one mile warm up and three miles cool down. This workout felt great, dare I say it actually felt a little easy? I hope I’m not cheating myself by doing so many workouts on the treadmill a few weeks out from the race. My hip felt good and that was the main thing I was concerned about.

Tuesday — 0

Well I was planning on taking things easy this week. Not quite this easy…I didn’t run at all today. My workout felt really good yesterday. I didn’t do any stretching or rolling afterward, and I’m thinking maybe I should have. Today something in my right hip definitely felt off. It wasn’t particularly painful. I could walk fine and I’m sure I could have gotten away with running a few easy miles, but something just felt…not right. I went home after work, did a SAM routine, Core H routine, and some light yoga for hips and back. Feeling good now, but still holding off on running. I’m not trying to take any risks right now.

Wednesday — 0

Today was another rest day. My hip felt a lot better than the previous day, but I still opted to take it easy. I did a little foam rolling, ate some rice krispy treats, and went to bed early!

Thursday — 0

My hip felt a lot better today, virtually no tightness and no pain. That being said, I still didn’t feel comfortable running. I hit the gym for some (very light) strength work.

  • Banded Lateral Walk / Banded Body Weight Squat
  • Seated Chest Fly / Lateral Raise
  • Seated Abduction / Alternating Backward Lunge With Plate Overhead
  • Hammerstrength Row Machine
  • Hanging Leg Raise / Weighted Side Bend

I followed up with an hour on the elliptical. I figured it would be roughly the equivalent of a few easy miles on the treadmill. I covered a little over 7 miles according to the screen on the machine, though I don’t really know how accurate that is. I count it as 0 for the weekly mileage total because its not running! I tried to keep a decent pace going, it felt pretty smooth and easy.

Friday — 0

I took today as another rest day. I went to packet pick up for the F3 Half Marathon and then went home. At this point, after three days of not running, my hip feels pretty normal. I’m doing a race tomorrow and will see how it feels after that. I’m not going to race full-out, I’m going to stick to a 1:40-1:45 pace. Its slightly faster than MP, but I know I can comfortably achieve that. At the same time its indicative of a level of fitness that puts a BQ within reach.

Saturday — 13.1

Race day! When I woke up it was 0 degrees outside, probably the second coldest day we’ve had all winter. I felt some regret and repeatedly asked myself why I would sign up for a half marathon in January in Chicago right on the lakefront. I told myself several times it was OK to back out and that I didn’t need to do this. But of course, I did it. More on that later…

I stuck with a 1:40 pace group and finished right on schedule. I felt pretty good throughout the entire race, and my hip didn’t give me any trouble.

I wore an almost brand new pair of Brooks Levitate 2s for this race (I had only ever worn them on the treadmill before). Trampled through lots of puddles and muddy spots, so they are no longer new and sparkly 😦

Sunday — 0

I woke up feeling pretty stiff and sore in the lower legs. My right hip was a little stiff and sore again too. I’m two weeks out from my goal race. I think its safe (and smart) to go ahead with a pretty aggressive taper at this point, although I’m a little bummed that I’ve deviated from my plan. All of the advice I’ve seen so far is that its better to go in slightly undertrained than to risk injury or burnout. I had 15 weeks of pretty solid training up to now, so I’m hoping I can carry it through to the finish.

I hit the gym for some foam rolling and light strength work. I also did 25 minutes on the bike and 25 minutes on the elliptical.

  • Walking Lunge / Banded Lateral Walk
  • Lat Pulldown
  • Underhand Hammerstrength Lat Machine
  • Seated Abduction
  • Cable Kickback
  • Alternating Backward Lunge / Bent Over Rear Delt Raise
  • Upright Row / Bicep Curl