Training Recap: Week of January 14, 2019

  • Miles: 50
  • Strength Sessions: 2

Monday — 10

My training program designates Mondays as easy days. However, I was feeling ambitious today and had a relatively light-mileage weekend, so I decided to push my tempo run up a few days. I did 8 miles tempo on the treadmill with 1 mile warm up and 1 mile cool down. The pace alternated between HM and 10K (slightly faster than goal MP but felt easy on the treadmill). The pace fluctuations weren’t penciled into the workout, I just sort of added them because it helps keep things interesting when I’m stuck on the hamster wheel. The workout felt good, I was drenched in sweat by the time I was done, literally dripping a little trail of sweat behind me. Thankfully I didn’t run into any of my neighbors as I made my way upstairs, they probably wouldn’t have appreciated that sight. As soon as I got home I changed into dry clothes and completed the Core H Routine.

Tuesday — 8

I hit the path for 8 easy miles after work. This was a great run–nice, smooth, relaxing. It was very cold out and I toyed with the idea of doing this one on the treadmill. I’m glad I decided not to. Its only cold for the first few minutes, and once you get going it puts a little extra pep in your step. We’ve been pretty lucky with weather so far this winter, so I shouldn’t complain…but Spring can come around any time now.

In other news, I entered the lottery for the New York Marathon today!

I have plans to do a fall marathon, but my schedule isn’t set in stone yet. I will be traveling to South Dakota for a race in October. If I get in to NY, I’ll treat NY as my goal marathon and run the half in SD. If I don’t make it into NY, I’ll run the full marathon in SD as my fall goal race. I’ll just have to impatiently wait and see!

Wednesday — 0

My legs (and hip) felt good today so I considered moving my rest day and sneaking in a few miles, but I ultimately decided to hit the gym for some strength training instead.

  • BB Squat
  • 1-Arm DB Row / Goblet Squat With Alternating Step
  • Plank With Alternating 1-Arm Row / Sit-Up With 1-Arm DB Press
  • Seated Abduction
  • Face Pulls

Thursday — 10

I moved my speed workout from Tuesday to Thursday this week. The workout called for 3 x 2 miles at HM pace with .5 mile recovery. I ran this one on the treadmill again, and I was fortunate to snag a spot right next to a fan so I didn’t get quite so sweaty this time. I’ve been doing a lot of running on the treadmill lately, mostly because I’m just sick of running in the darkness! Training through the winter can be rough, and the darkness is worse than the cold. Thankfully we are slowly gaining daylight.

Since the treadmill always feels a little bit easier I bumped the pace up about halfway between 10K and HM paces. I also reduced the recovery to .25 miles–I took these very easy so it was plenty to get my heart rate back down and clear out any lactic acid accumulation. I tacked on a 1 mile warm up and a 3 mile cool down. This one felt really good again. My right hip started feeling a little tight at the very end, but didn’t seem serious and honestly I think it might be imagination acting up. I’m so so close to race day I’m starting to get paranoid about a catastrophic injury showing up.

Friday — 6

I hit the treadmill for six easy miles. A snow storm is blowing in tonight so I figured again I’d play it safe and stay inside. This was a pretty solid but otherwise unremarkable run. I ate some cereal after work so my stomach was a little full, but it wasn’t too bothersome.

Saturday — 16

Ran 16 miles in the polar vortex, no biggie.

Our group run was cancelled this morning due to a snow storm. I initially toyed with the idea of switching my long run to tomorrow and just doing some easy miles on the treadmill today. I was set to head down to my building’s fitness center when somehow I talked myself into taking it outside. This was the last long run of my training cycle and I really wanted to get it done. Not to mention temperatures are supposed to drop pretty drastically tomorrow and won’t be going back up for the foreseeable future. I really didn’t want to spend 2+ hours on the treadmill and I certainly wasn’t going to start skipping key workouts this far into my training.

And so, I changed into my thermal tights and got out the door. The snow had stopped and the path had been plowed and salted, but the wind out of the north was absolutely brutal and unrelenting at 24 MPH and gusting to 35 MPH. Early in the run I thought about just running south for the entire time and taking a cab home, but I decided to tough it out. I broke the run into parts, going north for a few miles, then south for a few, and back and forth. I had equal portions head- and tailwinds, but it was broken up so the headwind didn’t feel quite so unbearable.

I stopped half way through for a gel and a bathroom break. I almost talked myself into cutting it short, but somehow, like a zombie, found myself wandering back out to finish. To be honest, the first 12 miles or so were actually kinda fun (especially the portions with the wind at my back). I live for this crazy weather sometimes. The last 4 were rough. The snow had started drifting into the path, and at some points it was up to my ankles. The fresh layer of snow coupled with the headwind made it feel almost impossible to move forward at some points. I was pretty spent by the time I made it home, checking my watch every few seconds just inching closer to 16 little by little. But I finished…not only did I finish this run despite the shitty weather, I finished the final long run of my training program. Pride, relief, HUNGER, so many feelings going on right now. Mostly hunger.

My plans to be more strategic about fueling kind of went out the window for this run. I had a pretty typical pre-run breakfast but due to the weather I didn’t get out for a morning run. I had a pretty skimpy lunch initially thinking I would move my long run to tomorrow, and a few hours after that decided on a whim to go out and get it over with. So the pre-run fueling was not optimal. I only had one gel at the half-way point, also not optimal. In any event I think I pulled it off pretty well, my pacing was a little slower in some spots but I think that was more due to wind and weather conditions than fueling.

I’m about three weeks out from my goal race, I should be ready for anything after this!

Sunday — 0

I had six easy miles on the schedule today. I felt pretty beat up from the previous day’s adventure, so I decided to stick to the gym and do some strength work. All of the lower body work was very light weight since I’m trying to baby my hip a little bit.

  • Lateral Banded Walk / Banded Body Weight Squat
  • DB Around The Worlds / Triceps Kickback
  • T-Bar Row / Straight-Leg Deadlift
  • DB Overhead Press (Drop Sets)
  • V-Up Balanced On Bench / Overhead Triceps Press
  • Weighted Back Extension / Hanging Leg Lift

Next weekend I’m running the F3 Half Marathon. I’m not planning to really race it, I want to treat it as more of a tempo run. I hope I can eek out a time close to goal MP. That will end up being a little slower than the half-marathon PR I made at the beginning of this training cycle. It will be hard to not try to top that, especially now after 13 or so additional weeks of training. I think next week will be lighter in terms of mileage. I’ll probably do speed work on Monday, easy runs on Tuesday and Wednesday, take Thursday and Friday as rest days, race on Saturday, and do some more easy miles on Sunday if I’m feeling up to it.